Thursday, December 20, 2007


Channeling the '03 Dodgers

I thought I'd take a quick look at how the newest Giant, Aaron Rowand fits in to the lineup. Here's the 2008 Giants lineup, as I see it, if there are no more moves made to change it between now and the start of the season:

LF Roberts/Davis
3B Frandsen
RF Winn
CF Rowand
C Molina
2B Durham
1B Ortmeier
SS Vizquel

To quote Mr. Creosote, better get a bucket. What's the over/under on runs scored here? 550? Obviously, there's still a lot of time left and I'm sure moves will be made to improve ths squad, but man, it'll still take some sort of miracle to make this offense even respectable.

Personally, I'm excited at Frandsen's prospects; not so much at Ortmeier's. Frandsen's minor league totals indicate that he could at least be a kind of Bill Mueller-type, which would be doubly valuable if the Giants could acquire another third baseman and Frandsen could slide to second in 2009. If there's one thing I really hope that the Giants don't screw up this winter, it's acquiring some veteran chaff to play third base and then have Frandsen rot on the bench some more. One of the few things I'm looking forward to this season is finding out what this guy can do.

As for Ortmeier, the opposite field shots and the Dodger-killing homer were exciting, but a .775 career OPS in the minors doesn't scream success, certainly not at first base. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have the Giants give Ort a chance than dick around with more washed-up zombies like Tony Clark. However, it also doesn't make much sense to just settle on Ortmeier when Dallas McPherson, who has a career .959 minor league OPS (and who I've not-so-realistically thought about trying to get before) is available and can probably be signed for relatively cheap.

As for Rowand's place in this lineup, he's sort of like Bengie Molina in the sense that if he's your number six hitter or something, you're doing pretty well. But your main source of power? Forget it. The biggest problem here is that the Giants have ostensibly replaced a five-win caliber offensive player in Bonds with probably a two-win one in Rowand, and that seems to be a best-case scenario. If the Giants had one of the league's worst offenses with Bonds, how bad is it going to be now, especially with the old guys getting a year older? Matt Cain shudders.

--TGIF video. I have to wait six more months for this? But I want it now!

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"can probably be signed for relatively cheap." a) what is relatively cheap and b) what says McPherson can be signed for these numbers?
Keep in mind Boras is his agent. I would expect (and I haven't read anything) they are looking for a three year MLB contract at something like 3# mil per year. If they can't find that, they may do a A Jones type contract for a year at $5 mil or 2 years at $4 mil. Wouldn't Sabean get hooted out of town if he signed McPherson for this kind of money? I just think Boras thinks McPherson is worth a WHOLE lot more than you do.
If he is brought in, who gets dropped off the 25 man roster?
By cheap I mean like a one-year deal for less than $5 mil. I don't know how realistic that is, because I honestly haven't heard anything about what McPherson is demanding, but if he and Boras want a three-year deal, they're insane.
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